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Help with a Tax Deductible Donation

Welcome to Down Syndrome Indiana where we are dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with Down Syndrome through education, support and advocacy. We are glad you are here, and we hope that you become an active part of our family!

Le damos la bienvenida a Down Síndrome Indiana donde nos dedicamos a mejorar la vida de las personas con síndrome de Down mediante programas educativos, apoyo y abogacía.  ¡Nos agrada que visiten nuestro sitio en el web, y esperamos que usted se convierta en un miembro activo de nuestra familia!


Down syndrome Timeline

Here are some major milestones in the Down syndrome community that have shaped us into who we are today….

2015 –DSI hosts its 18thAnnual Buddy walk
2014 – Down Syndrome Indiana hosts National Down Syndrome Congress National Convention
2008-   Board votes to change name to Down Syndrome Indiana, Inc.
2002 – DSI D.A.Ds founded
1999-   Olmstead Decision & deinstitutionalization
1996-   DSI receives official tax status as Indiana Down Syndrome Foundation
1996 – Down Syndrome Indiana hosts its first Buddy Walk®
1995-   NDSS holds the first Buddy Walk®
1994 – The Indiana Down Syndrome Foundation is founded
1990-   Mapping of the human genome begins
1990-   The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law under President George H. W. Bush
1989 – Life Goes On featuring, Chris Burke, an actor with Down syndrome begins airing
1986 -  Emily Pearl Kingsley publishes, Welcome to Holland
1984 –  Dr. Charles Epstein introduces his research with the Trisomy 21 mouse
1984-   Baby Doe Rulings
1981 – Down syndrome Medical Checklist introduced in our community
1979 – The National Down Syndrome Society is founded
1975-   The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was signed into law under President Gerald Ford
1973-   The National Down Syndrome Congress is founded
1969-   The first Special Olympics games in Indiana were played
1968 – First Special Olympics games were played
1960 – The first Down syndrome parent group is founded in Chicago
1959 – Dr. Jerome Lejeune discovers that Down syndrome is a third copy of the 21st chromosome
1866 – John Langdon Down fully describes what we now call, Down syndrome