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5 Minutes for Special Needs

A blog written by parents of children with special needs.


Band of Angels Press

Brian Skotko

Brian, the sibling of an individual with DS is a resident physician at Children's Hospital Boston and Boston Medical Center, has dedicated his professional energies toward children with cognitive and development disabilities.

brighter_tomorrows.jpg Brighter Tomorrows


Providing families with balanced and accurate information about receiving a diagnosis of Down syndrome either during their pregnancy or at birth.

Link includes a version of the site in Spanish


CYACC: Center for Youth and Adults with Conditions of Childhood

Are you a youth with special health care needs, like a chronic condition, illness or disability? Do you have questions about how to prepare for your adult life?


Disability is Natural
DSRTF.jpg Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation
Impact Signs logo Corporate Sign Language Resource Guide
Patricia_Bauer.jpg Patricia E Bauer: Disability News
Pujols.jpg The Pujol's Family Foundation
SigningTimeLogo.gif Signing Time



Reece's Rainbow

Through Reece's Rainbow, (187) orphaned children with Down syndrome and other special needs have been saved from mental institutions through the gift of adoption

Notable Individuals with Down Syndrome


Annie Forts

The Annie Forts "UP" Syndrome Fund, Inc. was created to assist and encourage young people with Down syndrome.


The Brad Hennefer Golf for Life Foundation
Bernadette_Resha.jpg Bernadette Resha

Chris Burke

Chris Burke is one of America's favorite personalities. Through his work he has single-handedly transformed America's image of the mentally and physically handicapped. Chris is also a spokesperson for the National Down Syndrome Society.


The Karen Gaffney Foundation

Karen Gaffney received her high school diploma from St. Mary's Academy in Portland, Oregon in 1997. Having completed all of the Oregon State requirements for a regular high school diploma. She completed requirements for an AS degree and a certificate to be a teacher's aide at Portland Community College in March 2001. Read an inspiring story about Karen's latest swim across Lake Tahoe!


Michael Jurogue Johnson

Michael is a full-time artist. Art is his job. He paints almost every day and he also works in the cottage industry that has developed from his talent. Michael was born with Down syndrome, but he was also born with a sense of wonder, an ability to appreciate simple things, a good sense of humor, and the determination to communicate with others. Art opened up Michael's world.

Rachel_Roberts.jpg Rachel Roberts has had an overwhelming desire to produce a coloring book with large, easy to color drawings, for children with special needs, such as herself, so they too could begin learning to read the way she did.. with sight words. Rachel was born with Down syndrome, however with her self motivation, encouragement and guidance of her family, some dedicated teachers... and God, she is striving to reach her potential.
Raymond_Hu.gif Raymond Hu
  Sujeet Dasai graduated with honors from high school, has been accepted to a music academy, plays violin, piano, clarinet and bass clarinet, has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, rides his jet ski, and much, much more. Oh yeah, he just happens to have Down syndrome.





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