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Down Syndrome Indiana offers resources for parents and educational professionals to better serve children with Down syndrome. We offer a variety of publications and trainings to assist educators.

Kids on the Block

The Kids on the Block Program is a unique way to teach awareness and acceptance of all others with the help of child size puppets. The first puppet troupe of eighth graders was established in 2009.  After extensive training in the effective use of these puppets, the puppet troupe hosts puppet shows and Q&A sessions to teach Pre-K thru 4th grade students the importance of accepting others. In 2013, Down Syndrome Indiana and the Joseph Maley Foundation formed a partnership to included education about Down syndrome awareness in the puppet troupe curriculum.

If you are interested in scheduling a performance at your school, please contact Vivian Maley at

Everybody Counts

We invite you to contact DSI if you are interested in having someone from DSI visit your classroom to present "Everybody Counts" session. You can reach our Outreach Coordinator, by emailing

Do you want to get to know your student with Down syndrome better?  Invite your student's parents to complete the All About Me Booklet created by an affiliate group (Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City).

Educator Toolkits

Down Syndrome Indiana helps students with Down  syndrome get a better education by providing educators with a free mini library upon request. This rich resource is full of books that encourage classroom inclusion and high expectations. If you would like to request a toolkit, please contact the DSI  Member Services Coordinator at or call 317-925-7617. This wonderful tool is valued at $109 so please only request what you will use. While Supplies Last! More info at:

Educators, Check out the great resources below:

About Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas Educator Manual

Including Students with Down Syndrome with their Typical Peers

Transition Planning for Students with Down Syndrome

Explaining Privacy and Sexuality to Students with Down Syndrome

Discouraging Elopment in your Students with Down Syndrome

An Overview of Speech, Language and Communication for People with Down Syndrome

Speech and Language Skills for Young Children with Down Syndrome

Speech and Language Skills for Adolescents with Down Syndrome

Sexuality and Down Syndrome

Think College Indiana

Think College Indiana Educator Newsletter

Need a ready made presentation on Down syndrome?
DSG partnered with the National Down Syndrome Congress and other Down syndrome parent groups across the country to create several presentations to help you explain Down syndrome to others. Visit the Presentation Center to upload Power Point presentations on Down Syndrome and the Educational Challenge and How to Support People with Down Syndrome. More presentations are forthcoming.

Visit Project Participate to see how they provide families, educators, administrators and therapists with simple strategies to increase the active participation of students wtih disabilities in school programs. Project Participate facilitates team collaboration and promotes the appropriate uses of technology in the classroom.


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