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Answers and Hope….

“You know what I wanted when I realized our baby girl had Down syndrome? ANSWERS and HOPE.” And that is what you can help provide when you donate to Down Syndrome Indiana this holiday season. Please read as one mother shares her story….


When Lauryn was born, “I had sooooo many questions, coming to mind one right after the other. My heart was unsettled, insecure, and emotional. For me, almost every question/worry/concern one could have about every situation/scenario/stage in life came to the surface like a weight pressing down on my chest with little to no way to get relief. 

• Is she okay? Is she healthy?
• Are her medical issues life threatening?   Will she be able to go home with us? 
• How long will she have to be in the NICU? 
• Can she breathe on her own?   Can she eat on her own? 
• Is her heart okay?   Is she in pain? 
• Why did this happen? 
• What does this mean for our family? 
• Will we be able to still do all the things we love to do together? 
• How do we tell people?  What will others think?
• How do we tell our other children? Will they understand? 
• Will Lauryn be able to do things other babies (children, people) do? 
• Will she be able to go to the same school as her siblings? 
• Will she be given the same opportunities as her siblings/others her age? 
• Will she be able to be on sports teams or take dance or gymnastics or do after-school clubs? 
• Will she be able to get a high school diploma? 
• Will she be able to go college? 
• Will she be able to get a job one day? Live independently? Get married? Drive a car?



I wanted a “crystal ball.” I needed to talk with someone – be reassured by someone – that everything was going to be okay.

Our family and our friends were (are) AMAZING. The encouragement, support, friendship, etc. was unwavering and got us through the ups and downs of those first days/weeks/months. It still is and does.

I needed to hear, “It’s going to be okay. You can do this. She is perfect. You are blessed,” from people who KNEW. From people who had been in my shoes. From people who had felt that rush of what could be suffocating questions from being given a diagnosis of Down syndrome. I needed that connection to someone who knew and understood the overwhelming roller coaster of emotions I was feeling, because he/she had been there. I needed someone to reassure me I didn’t have to feel guilty because I had hard questions. 


For the past 8+ years, DSI has been a 2nd “Home” to us. While we still don’t have the answers to many of those initial questions. New questions continue to come. While many of these questions can’t and won’t be answered right now or in the near future, DSI has provided us with a means to arm ourselves with information, with encouragement and support to keep going, with resources to help Lauryn grow to her fullest potential (the sky is the limit), and with opportunities to connect with other families who are journeying in “our shoes.”

We aren’t the only family who feels this way about DSI. DSI has had this impact on thousands of families over the years. It makes my heart so happy to know that, by raising money to support DSI and its programming, our family is providing many other families with the hope, peace, and reassurance that DSI gave to me/our family when Lauryn was born.”

 While I can’t put a price tag on the value of DSI to our family and others like ours, our goal of raising $5,000 by December 31st is a great place to start.

 If you’re inspired to help us reach our goal, we would be so, so grateful.

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Think of it this way...

 -  The next time a new parent is given a New Parent Packet (including special "congratulatory" items), you can think to yourself, "I had a part in bringing those parents some needed reassurance and hope."

 -  The next time your soul is refreshed from seeing old and new friends at a Mom's Night Out or Holiday Event, etc., you can feel wonderful because you helped make that event possible.

 -  The next time you see a new friend at an educational conference hosted by DSI, you can smile knowing you had a hand in DSI being able to host the conference.

 -  The next time you hear about the awesome awareness presentation given to 100’s more students, you can know your hard word in raising funds for DSI makes a huge difference.

 -  The next time a self-advocate that you know and love is able to do meaningful work through connections made possible by DSI, your heart will burst because it will be a reminder that independence is possible.

 These are just a few of the hundreds of reasons why it's so important that we work together to help DSI continuing doing its EXTRAordinary work. 

As always, we cannot thank everyone enough for all of the generous donations, love and support you give us! XOXOXO


Lisa Wells, Executive Director  


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