Make a Referral  

Is there a family that could benefit from connecting with other parents of children with Down syndrome? Is there a family that would benefit from getting connected to Down syndrome resources?  

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Health Care Information for Children with Down syndrome

Download a checklist published by the American Academy of Pediatrics in July 2013 to share with parents.

Click here to download Health Care Information for Children with Down syndrome.

Medical Outreach Presentation

Down Syndrome Indiana is happy to provide an educational inservice about Down syndrome and resources available to help your practice provide the most accurate and up to date information about Down syndrome. ! To schedule, please e-mail Stephanie Garner, Program Coordinator at or call the office at 317-925-7617.

Click here to watch the DSI Medical Outreach Presentation on How to Present a Down syndrome Diagnosis Using Best Practice Standards.



Information Sheet for Professionals 

Effective July 1, 2015, a new bill (House Bill 1093) requires health care facilities or providers to provide certain "written information" to expectant parents when they receive a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome or any other disorder diagnosed prenatally. 

To download this information sheet for printing and distribution, please click here.  (En español ).

DSI Community Groups

Down Syndrome Indiana recognizes that there are varied interests among the Down syndrome community. Examples include geographical considerations, cultural considerations, educational considerations, and age considerations. When there are common interests among some families that differ from interests of other families, then Down Syndrome Indiana recognizes the benefits of a community group among these families. When these interests are contemplated in the Down Syndrome Indiana mission statement, then Down Syndrome Indiana recognizes the benefits of distributing some of its resources to the community group. Check out our groups: